There is a possible solution to the UK's post study work visa row

March 04, 2016
A report has been published by the cross party group that has been set up in the parliament of Scotland for examining the matter had made ten suggestions covering who shall qualify for the visas and the requirement they shall meet.

There is a possible solution to the UK’s post study work visa row

The group told that the suggestions points towards a clear and practical route to permit talented graduates to stay in Scotland and also urged the government of the UK to consider them seriously.

The report also said that the UK has got best post study work chances for the students who want to live and work after completing their graduation and they could reside if they had got the graduate level job, an internship or if they becomes graduate entrepreneur.

Under the present rules, students from the non-EU countries are permitted to reside in Britain for the period of four months after completing their courses and if they had received the graduate jobs they could switch from student to work visas.

The group which has made the report consists individuals from political parties, business and education representatives. They had said that it stay convinced that this flexible post study work path will benefit Scotland.

The suggestions they had mentioned in their report are:

Individual who had finished an HNC, HND, degree or PG qualification at the institute of Scotland must be eligible for post study work visa.

Individual who has a visa must transition onto the job at the similar level as their qualification, but the visa shall also offer flexibility to take up other employment opportunities.

The post study work visas must last two years atleast.

Individuals on the post study work visas must have some savings to save them in  any crisis, but must be able to spend these savings when they require to without losing their visa.

The time spent in Scotland on post study work visa must count towards being able to reside permanently in Scotland after five year period of time.

Partners and children of individual on the post study work visa must be able to work in Scotland if they wish to as per the latest immigration guidelines.

The report also mentioned that the individual on the post study work visa would already has excellent skills in English language to complete their qualification, so no more requirement of English language will be required.

And it suggested that the latest visa scheme must be evaluated and modified if enhancements could be made.

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