Recent Express Entry Draw: 400 FSTC Candidates invited CRS is 284

September 25, 2018
We present the Express Entry Draw figures for the draws held on Sep 19th and Sep 24th, 2018 below. The recent draw was held with the gap of only five days after the previous draw taking many candidates by surprise. Moreover, on Sep 24th, totally 400 candidates, were eligible to receive the invitation in the Federal Skilled Trades Class. The C.R.S. threshold was 284 points, which is the lowest for 2018 so far. A previous F.S.T.C. specific draw was held on May 30th.

400 FSTC Candidates invited at the CRS of 284 in Express Entry Draw

On September 19, totally 3,500 Express Entry candidates got the I.T.A. in the 99th draw. The C.R.S. cut-off was 441 points. Additionally there was no specific program to get a priority in selecting candidates.

Additionally, in these draws the tie-break mechanism was applied. Because multiple candidates can have the C.R.S. of 441/284, the candidates with an existing profile in the Express Entry pool for a long duration get the priority. For the Sep 19 the tie-break was for Sep 6, 2018 at 10:28:45 UTC. Furthermore, for the Sep 24 tie-break it was February 18, 2018 at 12:31:16 UTC

With the draw of Sep 24 the total number of invitations issued in 2018 is 62,500. In November 2017, the Canadian government had revealed an immigration plan outlining Canada’s commitment to increase the professionals working in the country to 250,000. The programs in it were for:

• Skilled Trades Class

• Skilled Worker Class, and

• Canadian Experience Class

The target for new permanent residents to settle using the P.N.P is 184,000 before December 2020. Finally, it is possible to issue more invitations in the future months, and years. This will benefit many families and persons aiming for settling in Canada. We at Visa Reporter will bring all the details regarding such developments to our patrons. Please stay in touch with us.

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