The New Immigration Plan and a Fresh Environment in the UK

December 16, 2019
Every department has aims and objectives, and the numbers are the focus of the Immigration Department in the UK. There is an opportunity to make this system fair but the focus needs to be away from strict control of borders. Boris Johnson, the PM has a plan to make the immigration and visa system that is separate from the Home Office and experts will study the impact here.

The New Immigration Plan and a Fresh Environment in the UK

New Developments

There will be a fresh department to take care of borders and immigration with the aim of improving security and the functioning of the visa system after the exit of Britain from the European Union.

Experts believe that its implementation must be with sufficient time and resources, as this move will cause extensive changes and many consequences on delivering immigration and visa services in an effective way. The approach to immigration must not focus on limited numbers. The environment will change now and the creation of another government department will add another aspect to immigration management.

Immigration experts say that the best scenario for the new department is recognizing the challenges of the system. The next step is creating a fair process of decision-making.

Learning Lessons from the past

Another expert also stated that taking away the immigration responsibility from the Home Office would be a good development but there is a necessity to learn lessons from the past.

The immigration department has to look at the issue holistically and care for the human beings involved. The merits of the case must not be ignored. Additionally, the attitude must not be skeptical and aim to improve the numbers. The new department should not be disruptive but accommodative. The authorities believe that creating a new department to deal with borders and immigration will help to rebuild public trust in the immigration system.

The Home Office needs to increase the trust and public confidence in a new immigration system. Also, there are many reasons for making it worth looking to solve the problems.


The Home Office needs to get immigration decisions right with a good thought and planned moves to discuss the structural issues in a sound way. After a good decision, there can be better consequences in the ability to deliver well. Finally, there are ongoing discussions about methods to make the government work in a better way.

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