The proposed Irish immigration bill that can utilize unused visas of Australia

October 12, 2015
According to Ireland Foreign Minister, Charlie Flanagan, a prominent member of House of Representatives will present a bill that will permit the citizens of Ireland apply for the E-3 visas of Australia, which are unused.

The minister told that the Republican of Wyoming, Jim Sensenbrenner, who had served in the House since the year 1979, will be offering the bill that will allow the Irish people to apply for the unused Australian E-3 visa program that was created in the year 2005 and granting around 10,500 visas for highly skilled Australian workers every year.

The proposed bill for Irish immigration that can utilize the unused visas of Australia

Sensenbrenner had stressed out the importance of increasing the support for the bill to ensure it gets passed in the House.

Mr. Flanagan said that it is the new development, and it is very important that they get support for the bill now. Flanagan also met with Sensenbrenner and other politicians on this issue last Wednesday on the Capitol Hill.

He also said that the process has started, and they will seek the support. And Mr.Sensenbrenner had also assisted in ensuring a support measure for it.

The E-3 visa program of Australia is kept aside for the citizens of Australia who are working in the specialty occupations that need a minimum of a graduate degree. A job offer from the US is also necessary. The visa is granted for two year period of time initially, and it is renewable for an indefinite period.

For the year 2014, around 8, 834 E-3 visas of Australia were issued.  Mr. Flanagan acknowledges that the Sensenbrenner bill is not going to be the long-term answer for creating a new Irish immigrants flow for the US., but it is a prospective start. 

According to Flanagan, the government of Ireland is very disappointed because there has not been any progress on the reform for the US immigration. He also said that government knows very well that its very unlikely that any legislation would be enacted under Obama administration.

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