Theresa May bears the brunt of Sir James Dyson"s words

January 05, 2015
Sir James Dyson opposes Theresa May

According to Sir James Dyson, a leading investor and business leader in Britain, the home secretary, Theresa May’s proposal to let off foreign students from the country once their graduation is completed would harm the economy of Britain and result in a loss of beneficial ideas from these bright foreign minds.

Dyson’s words acted as a voice of the scientific and academic communities too which feared a shortage in the number of engineers and scientists. He said that UK should open doors to the world’s best minds so that they could come here; impart them with the adequate knowledge and then allow them to develop some of their own ideas and implement them here. These ingenious minds were mostly from fast-developing economic countries which fostered engineering and science.

Current rules allow foreign graduates to stay in UK for up to four months in order to find a job. This is in contrast to the limitation of a year as set by countries like Australia, US and Canada. Almost 200,000 foreign students attend British Universities and colleges for researching technology. 

Dyson said that sending away these innovative minds back to their home countries would mean increased competition. He said that UK education system should act as an instrument for shaping the greatest mind of the world. Keeping such brilliant people in the country would be beneficial to the country’s culture and economy.

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