UK Immigration: 63% Hike in Student Visas Issued to Indians by UK

December 02, 2019
There has been a 63 percent rise in the number of student visas allotted to Indians to study in the UK in the past one year, data published by UK's Office for National Statistics (O.N.S) reveals. 

UK Immigration: 63% Hike in Student Visas Issued to Indians by UK

Report Says Tremendous Growth in Student Visas from India

The statistics announced on 28 November, reveals that above 30,550 Indian students got UK tier-4 student visa for the year September 2019 which is high when related to 18,730 in the prior year. It was the biggest number for Indian students since 2011. 
As per the UK government, during this year, 276,889 were sponsored for UK tier-4 student visas and were successfully granted with a visa it includes dependents also, a 16 percent increase from the past year and at the top-level since 2011.

There was an acceleration in student visas awarded to Chinese citizens too up 21% year-over-year to 119,697. Chinese and Indian citizens together estimated for over 50 percent of all non-EEA UK tier 4 visas awarded, at 43 percent and 11 percent, respectively. 

In the past 10 years, higher than 270,000 students from India have registered to study in the UK, which is home to 3 out of the world’s top 10 universities, as per the UK Foreign Office announcement. 

The most recent visa statistics also reveal that the UK continues a famous destination for Indians. Higher than 512,000 Indian citizens obtained visit visas a 9% rise related to the prior year.

Overall, it is calculated that higher than one in five of all U.K visas goes to Indian citizens and 90% of Indian appeals are victorious. Indian citizens also estimated for nearly 51 percent of all UK tier-2 visas awarded globally with above 56,000 Indians obtaining skilled work visas in the recording period. 

In extension to those coming on UK tier-4 visas, other student visas were awarded to 118,172 individuals during the year, the biggest so far which is 4 percent higher than the prior year. 

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