New Zealand public transport system

January 12, 2014

New Zealand public transport system

In the urban areas of New Zealand there is a public transport network, public transport is not just one form of transport but several. Bus, rail, ferry, aeroplane. In Auckland and Wellington bus is the main form of public transport, the rail system in these two cities have also had new investments over the past few years and is an excellent service that is now available. There are also some cities in the country that operate a ferry service. Trams do not run in New Zealand anymore, other than in a few museums. There was a time in New Zealand when trams were used in every city as well as horse-drawn transportation, that is now history.

Immigration is high in New Zealand, there are many things that attract people to the country, an excellent transport system is one that can be very appealing to people who want a new life in a new country. The option to be able to explore the whole country via public transport is very appealing.

Bus and coach travel around New Zealand is a cheaper way to travel. Public transport is always a cheaper means of transport instead of hiring a car and paying high prices for rental as well as fuel. Bus and coach allows you to travel all over the country using this mode. Coach excursions are also available in most towns and cities so seeing attractions is more accessible.

There are still many islands around New Zealand that are part of the country and so the only way to see these islands and explore their beauty is using a ferry or water taxi. They are a great way to travel to further away locations mainly the islands that surround New Zealand. The wildlife that is on these islands are protected.

The airports around New Zealand offer private pilots the ability to refuel, and some even offer mechanical services. Marinas are also situated around New Zealand with boat trips, the surrounding of these marinas are breathtaking as is much of the scenery on New Zealand.

New Zealand also have a lot of companies who hire out camper vans, you can travel the whole of the country, from one end to the other in the campervan and have accommodation as you travel. This is very popular with tourists and those on temporary visas who have no wishes for a long stay in the country and so purchasing their own vehicles would not be feasible.
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