Universities in Britain seek simple visa rules for foreigners

September 06, 2018
The recent developments

The leaders of the universities will be happy to see some changes to the UK Visa System leading to allowing overseas students to stay and work for a period of two years after completing their graduation. In case this does not happen, the Universities say that, foreign students, who spend 26 billion pounds, in the UK economy, will opt for USA, Australia or Canada.

British universities seek simple visa rules for foreigners

Studies reveal that Australia has overtaken the UK, and also has become the second largest destination, of overseas students. The government has clarified that it has no limits on the number of overseas students. The Advisory Committee for Migration needs to give a report, regarding the impact of overseas students. They are presently considered immigrants, from outside the UK, and the EU. Moreover, there is no bar in Canada, USA, and Australia, for international students to work, after completing the graduation study.

A new approach is necessary

There are some limitations to students, who can stay after graduation. Furthermore, there is a deadline for transition to work, and some sponsorship requirements.  Universities are seeking a positive and a less restrictive approach. Graduates have a permission to stay, if they get a job at a suitable level, or gain an internship, or apply for starting a new business. They can stay for one year, to gain work experience or become entrepreneurs.
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