US extends Global Entry Scheme to the UK citizens

November 04, 2015
Frequent travellers from the UK to the US would be able to avoid long queues at the immigration points by joining the new scheme that would allow them to use the automated passport booths at the airports.

US had agreed to extend the Global Entry Scheme to the citizens of the UK from 3rd December for those travellers who are ready to pay just over 100 pounds at the latest exchange rates and submitting it to the an inspection by the US custom officials.

US will extend Global Entry Scheme to the UK citizens from 3rd December

This scheme has been running since the year 2008, and it already has 2.5 million members. it is at present available to the citizens from the Netherlands, US, Germany, Mexico, South Korea and Panama.

Head of  US customs and border protection force, Gil Kerlikowske, said in London that the entry system and the mutual UK program which is already available to the citizens of the US will improve the security  and will also facilitate the travelling between the two nations. 

The applicants from the UK shall apply through the website of the Home Office and shall pay around 42 pounds as the processing fee. Then the applicants would get an access code for registering through the website that is run by the border force of the US.

The applicants should pay 100 pounds non-refundable fee that will give them the membership for five years. The approved candidates are asked to attend the interview with the custom officers of the US.

The Global Entry has automated booths at around 46 airports of the US that takes a minute to process one passenger. There are around 13 pre clearance booths all over the world, including the Canadian airports and airport in Abu Dhabi and Shannon.

This system used its own dedicated booths that can be used by all the overseas nationals from the countries with the electronic visas. The members will also get the access to the customs clearance and faster screening of security while flying out of the airports of the US.  Every year around 3.6 million citizens from the UK travel to the US.

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