US federal judge refuses to undo order of government on the green cards

October 08, 2015
A federal judge in the US yesterday has refused to issue an order for emergency that will allow thousands of immigrants with high skills to quickly apply for becoming the permanent residents as initially told by the government. 

The immigrants lawyers did not show that they would win the case or the order will be in the interest of public, ruled Ricardo S. Martinez, district judge of the US.

Federal judge refuses to undo order of government on the green cards

Government’s last week decision was sued by the immigrants after its revised notice on green card’s application.

The first notice was issued by the Department of State on 9th September, saying that what categories of immigrants can file their paper work for green card which begins at 1st October. It was the step that will grant benefits. But the notice was revised on the 25th of September that severly curtails who should apply, frustrating thousands of applicants who already spent lot of money on the medical tests and the legal fees for preparing their applications.

Martinez refuses to issue the temporary restrain order for blocking the revised notice from the government. 

In the documents of court, as per the officials they have to correct their previous notice because it was suggesting more visas were available than allowed from federal law for issuing. They said that the notice was simple advisory and it didn’t create any right for filing the paperwork for green card.  

Every year, the US issues nearly 40,000 visas for workers in the category those immigrants who got affected. But limited visas are issued to the immigrants for any country.  That created a huge backlog for the Indian and Chinese immigrants who constitute a large number of workers with high skills who wish to reside in the US.

The previous year, President Obama issued an order seeking to rationalize the system of legal immigration of the US.

The case has grabbed the attention from the Congress members as well as from the top companies, as some of them criticized the government’s way of handling of matter. Many businesses like Google, Microsoft, Intel and Halliburton Co, joined the immigration lawyers, Chamber of Commerce and many others in sending the letter to Secretary of Homeland Security, State Secretary asking them to stand by the original bulletin. 

They also argued that the government can allow for filing of paperwork and start getting the benefits that will come by doing so, even if the green cards are not available immediately.

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