US Govt Plans to End Work Permits for Spouses of H-1B holders

November 19, 2018
A legislation trying to interdict the US administration from cancelling the work permit of H1-B visa holders for spouse's that consists Indians have been launched the United States parliament by a pair of lawmakers who stated that revoking this advantage could force many overseas employees to utilize their skills to play against US companies or businesses.

US Govt Plans to End Work Permits for Spouses of H-1B holders

Revoking H-1B spouse work permits

H-4 work permit visas will be issued to the H-1B overseas worker's spouses. The H-1B work permit is a non-immigrant visa which allows Indian occupants to work in US organizations. It enables the US firms to employ overseas workers in several jobs that need theoretical or technical experience. H-1B visa is the most sought-after visa among professionals Indian IT occupants.

H-4 Visas will issue only to the immediate family members or spouses of H-1B visa holders. The change by the two lawmakers, Zoe Lofgren and Anna G Eshoo to launch the H-4 Occupation Protection Act, comes among decision by the US government to end an Obama-era rule that increases work permit to the H-1B visa holder's spouses.

Lawmakers Eshoo and Lofgren Says

From the time of rule implementation, more than 100,000 workers especially Indian women have obtained work permits enhancing the United States competitiveness and reducing economic gist on hundreds of H-1B workers and their family members. The H-4 Occupation Protection Act bans the US Government from cancelling this crucial rule", the two lawmakers said after implementing the bill in US Parliament.

"Securing work permit for H-4 visa holders is an important matter of both family unity and economic fairness,” Eshoo said.

“Revoking this advantage would be painful for so many movers to either return to their native countries or split up their families and use their skills to play against US companies,” Eshoo said.

“Forbidding H-1B visa holder's spouses from doing the job is of no advantage to our Nation, and if enabled to go further, so many of these families which can help to our workforce may simply migrate to other countries with an easy method to immigration. This much-required bill will stop the Trump government from unnecessarily damaging the lives and economy of skilled overseas immigrants family members” Lofgren said.

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