US Govt Shows Concern for Indian Citizens Waiting to Receive Green Cards

November 03, 2018

Trump's Sympathy for Indian Legal Citizens

Donald Trump, the US President has shown concern to the thousands of talented professionals including Indian citizens who are waiting patiently for years to receive green cards. Trump said that many citizens doing their job perfectly and soon they will get access to enter the US.

US Govt Shows Concern for Indian Citizens Waiting to Receive Green Cards

On another side, the Presidents comments putting tension over 5,000 to 7,000 migrant caravans mostly from three Latin American countries including Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador – who are trooping towards the US Southern Border of Mexico with the purpose to enter America.

According to the official reports, Over 600,000 Indian Citizens are eagerly waiting to receive legal permanent residency or green card. It is truly unfair for skilled workers that enabling thousands of illegal immigrants to the Country and allowing them to take the benefits of "catch and relieve" policy.

Legal immigrants will enter into US soon

Trump said in a policy on illegal immigration that "uncontrolled Mass immigration is particularly unfair to many skilled legal immigrants those are already living in the US by following the rules and have been waiting for green cards for a long time".

US President has given a statement that those Citizens who have done every sincerely and perfectly will immigrate to the US very soon. We require such kind of professionals to help grow our companies. but immigrants should come in on a merit base. The associations are often left to bear the amount and the fraud candidates that enter in illegally, are can't be allowed." he added.

Donald also expressed his opinion that US is one of the most expensive and largest immigration programmes in the world. Since 1970, we have issued over 40 million green cards that means the path to citizenship for more and more Indian Citizens.

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