What Brexit will mean for relations between India and the UK

May 03, 2016
There is so much of debate going on and daily we are hearing about the impending referendum of UK on EU membership. 

Much of the debate going on is about the focus on external business and UK’s standing in the whole world. 

What Brexit will mean for relations between India and the UK

According to President of the US, Barack Obama, the UK will not find latest business deals easy to end, even with strong allies. While ties with China and Canada have entered the dialogue, not much  has been said about India.

India has got good connections with the UK and the status as one of the fastest developing economy of the world and global leader for inward investment.

EU nations and EU itself has been actively pursuing deeper connections with India as it economy developing, The EU is India’s biggest business partner, and it is also ahead of the US and China.

FDI outflow in Netherlands has been slowly increasing from India, recommending a dutch financial gateway for Indian firms in Europe.

Increasing investment in Germany, that has also raised the number of students from India in their universities by providing much increasing academic partnerships and scholarships.

France too has invited India in increasing levels of visits for promoting the economic cooperation in high tech and innovation areas that also includes transportation.

India has called the UK as the entrance point for India to the EU. India wants the UK to vote to remain in the EU at a referendum.

Many people of Indian diaspora feels it is not fair that other EU citizens getting special treatment.  This could and would change if Britain leaves the EU.

Reactions from the business community of India is cautious and they are leaning towards favoring UK to remain in the EU. While few business leaders view the potential prospects for improved Indo-UK ties in event of Brexit.

It is not certain whether after Brexit, UK will get greater  cooperation with India, much depends on the agreement between UK and the EU.

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