A policy to connect migrant engineers with the infrastructure boom

July 28, 2018

There are migrant people who apply for various positions after they earn an engineering degree but face rejections. They need work experience and keep searching for opportunities.  This exercise becomes deeply frustrating, painful and demoralizing. Moreover, there are many people having the same situation.  After serving for years on local projects in their native countries, they have a desire to earn a nice spot as a skilled migrant. They also desire to open a new chapter in their career.  Getting the chance to have a local experience is indeed a very difficult proposition. In Australia there is a massive community of engineers which is eager to serve but its talent is untapped. Ultimately better days started with an infrastructure boom presently happening in Australia.

A policy to connect migrant engineers with the infrastructure boom


They are recruited as a part of the employment program called Pathways, managed by Jesuit Social Services in cooperation with John Holland. As per the statement of Trevor Hall, the Executive General Manager of John Holland They had a plan to employ 20 people in a pilot program, and the applications for two weeks, totaled to 450. This was an eye opener regarding the huge untapped community of engineers. Besides this, Australia has many more engineering projects worth $100 billion to execute.   Melbourne and Sydney have a plan of gigantic metro tunnels and road projects like West Connex and the West Gate Tunnel.

Owing to the boom in infrastructure, there is a great demand for engineers. Additionally there is a great need for engineers. Some of them did not get an opportunity or a break.

The First Pilot Program 

Furthermore, 23 engineers were selected for the First Pilot Program and their credentials were approved by Engineers Australia. They have the work for six months, and there is a chance of full-time employment at the end of the program.  The job has a fulfilling aspect. People are able to take a further step in their career. Pathways is a dream come true and the workers are proud to  participate in the Australian community. Jesuit Social Services are working for many years to employ marginalized communities. Moreover they focus on African migrants. They also hope that the Pathways program must cater to the needs of other industries. Finally in Australia there are many migrants and refugees who have good qualifications and seek a chance.
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