Annual migration to the UK records peak level

August 29, 2015


The annual net migration to the United Kingdom has hit a new level reaching 330,000 which is about 10,000 higher than the previous highest peak of 320,000 that was registered in 2005.

The number has registered soon after the Poland and the other Eastern European countries have joined in the European Union.

According to the official national statistics figure of 94,000 rises in the total net immigration for 12 months till March was subjected to the rise of 84,000 in immigration reaching to 636,000 and a decrease of 9,000 due to emigration.

And also the statistics shows that the Mediterranean refugee crisis was not the reason behind the surge of migration to UK, as there were of only 25,771 for the year to June which is far below than the peak figure is shown in the year of 2002.

The inflow of asylum seekers is only a minor contributing factor in the growth of migration to the UK.

Of the 636,000 migrants arrived in the 12 months to March, more than 290,000 have come seeking to work, leading to the long-term upward trend.

The top nations that have been the source of migrants arriving in the UK are Romania, Poland, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, India, and China.

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