Australia's government agrees to review the 457 skilled migrant visas

March 19, 2014
Australia's government agrees to review the 457 skilled migrant visas

Scott Morisson, the Immigration Minister has accepted to a review of the program constituting of the controversial 457 skilled migrant visas, which will result in the investigation of the program’s integrity.

Mr. Morison had delivered a speech on 14th March 2014 at Sydney, to a Migration law conference, during which he had announced a review of the 457 program.

Last year, the Labor politicians and the unions had claimed that there was extensive fraud (indulged in by business) that took place in the 457 skilled migrant visas. Due to this reason, a review of the extension of the skilled migrant visas was announced/released last week.   

The Abbot government has already made changes to the program by removing the limits on the business nominations for the skilled immigrants, who visit Australia in order to fill the gaps in current jobs.

Amidst the claims of abuse and fraud last year, some loopholes had been filled by the previous government, and that change had allowed approved businesses to employ the foreign workers, without an upper cap, especially for major construction projects.

Mr. Morrison has stated that the independent review would examine the program’s integrity, which includes the level of non-compliance, the standards and possibilities of further action and freeing the visa system from over-regulation.

He also said that the review will assess the governing structure of the 457 program and decide whether the current requirements are suitably balancing a requirement to ensure the integrity of of the program against the costs to employers, who are aspiring to access the program.

The program in spite of the claims made otherwise, will authorize the foreign workers to fill the local jobs. Mr Morisson has said that the program is very important for the success of businesses in Australia.

Academic and business representatives have been included in the panel, which will lead the review program. The unions will not be included in the panel however, but they can give their submissions to the review panel. 

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