Australia issued permanent residency to 5000 skilled Irish people in 2013

August 05, 2014
5000 skilled Irish people acquired Australian Permanent Residency in 2013

The latest statistics of Australia’s Department of Immigration reveals that Australian permanent residency was granted to around 5,000 Irish-born people in 2013, which includes approximately 1,650 family members.

Around 4,784 native Irish people have added permanently to the resident population of Australia in between 2012 and 2013, a report from the Department of Immigration of Australia stated. This represents a minor increase over the previous year, however, a major rise had been observed since 2009-2010 where over 3000 permanent residency visas were issued.

Majority of permanent visas were granted to specific professions which include, civil engineers constituting 100, carpenters or joiners representing 60, electricians comprising 50, registered nurses accounting for 50, accountants attributing to 100, GPs accounting for 30, systems analysts holding 20 and other popular occupations included IT professionals attributing to 30.

Moreover, Australian temporary work visas were granted for 10,290 skilled workers over last year. New South Wales and Western Australia were considered to be the most admirable places to reside for Irish-born  people. The report also reveals that some Irish people are applying for working holiday visas. 

Australia emerged to be third most famous destination for Irish people after the UK and US in 2010. Its constructive economic conditions and incentives have encouraged more Irish migrants since the global financial crisis, the report reveals.

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