How H-1B visas look like if law to limit its usage is passed

December 14, 2015
The legislation reforms which are under the consideration in the US will transform the nation’s work visa regulations for high skilled employees, limiting the number of individuals eligible and making it further complicated to acquire an H-1B permit which is widely used by the outsourcing industry of India.

How H-1B visas look like if law to limit its usage is passed

The current proposals, which were filed by Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions previous week, would put the floor under the income the H-1B visa holders should earn.

According to Cruz’s statement, the act for the American Jobs First 2015 is an essential effort for repairing the program for H-1B visa for preventing it from displacing the US employees.

Number of proposals and plans for restricting the immigration in the US has been filed by many lawmakers in the Senate.

The bill which is planned by Cruz and Sessions will mean that the employers who are applying for the H-1B visa for the employees will have to guarantee them a salary of minimum $1,10,000 or the similar amount they pay to an American in the same job two years earlier they applied for the visas, whichever is superior.

It also needs that the employers that had laid off the US citizens to wait two years prior they are permitted to employ any H-1B holder for taking the place of the individual who was laid off.

Another bill, also filed previous week, this time by Senators Sessions and Nelson, want to cut the number of permits for skilled employees granted by the Homeland and Security Department to 70,000 from 80,000. The bill also proposed allocation of visas based on the income, rather than through a lottery.

In the month of November, Senators, Grassley and Durbin, had proposed the bill mandating all the firms that wish to employ workers using H-1B visas should first try to employ the citizens from US.

Under this rules, firms with over 50 employees will not be permitted to employ extra H-1B visa holders if over half of their workers already held the skilled worker permits. That bill, which is waiting for a Senate vote, also aims the system of lottery by looking for allocating the permits on merit basis.

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