UK policies on foreign students has been condemned by chair of BIS committee

November 21, 2015
UK government’s policies on the foreign students had been condemned by Iain Wright, Chair of BIS Select Committee, who said that the policies are damaging the economy and universities of the UK.

Hartlepool MP and Chair of BIS Committee, Iain Wright, has expressed his concerns over UK government’s decision of including the foreign students in the numbers of net migration.

UK policies on foreign students has been condemned by chair of BIS committee

According to him, it looks like complete madness for having a system where we educate overseas students in management and business only for the students to leave this nation before they contribute to the economy of the UK and apply the skills to the improvement of our competitiveness.

The current policy changes now mean that the foreign students are only allowed to stay in the UK for four months after they complete their graduation, instead of two years that was previously allowed.

He also told that the nations like Canada, Germany, and the US are actively motivating the bright and talented students to settle in their nation and are also motivating for setting up business there.

He asked that why only we permit the skills which are learned in our nation to soon and directly benefit productivity of other economies.

According to a recently published report which reveals that around 7 billion pounds was brought to the UK by the overseas students and around 2 billion pounds was from the business schools.

The concern from Mr. Wright came after the news which revealed that some of the universities in the UK were denying the foreign applicants based on the nation’s immigration crimes. Citizens from the countries like India, Pakistan and Nigeria were most likely to be denied due to this.

Mr. Wright also said that the present immigration regime is discouraging the status of the UK across the world for attracting the talented overseas students to the business schools of the UK.

According to another report, which revealed its new statistics this week shows that 65% decrease in students from Africa who consider higher education in the UK. The government's current changes to tougher visa rules have been blamed.

StudySearch CEO, Frederik Obasi, had argued that the recent rules has threatened thousands of young Africans who seek to reside, educate and earn money and have some new experiences. He said that the opinion that the students from Africa visit the UK just for the visa and they do not go back home is simply not true.

Mr. Wright said that David Cameron require to decide what is best for Britain.

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