Australian passport is 2nd most expensive in the world

November 24, 2015
Travel addicts surely know the power and significance of acquiring their passports. The passports are not just any documents, but they serve as the entries to the destinations around the world. In the recent study, it was revealed that Australia is among the nations with most costly passports in the whole world.

Australian passport is 2nd most expensive in the world

In a report, it was affirmed that it was found that the second most costly passport in the whole world is of Australia which is priced at $250. Australia is next to Turkey, which remains at number one position with regards to most expensive passports in the whole world, and it is priced at $350. Switzerland stood at third position as their passport cost at $220. And one can also get the most affordable passport which could be found in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), one can get the passport at the price of only $19.

The information was based on the rankings, and the information was revealed after the analysis of  51 51 randomly selected nations around the world for finding out which passports are most beneficial and what are the facts that contributes to the power the passport holds.

The nationality passports has been ranked based on their price, the least amount of wage hours for affording the passport in the year 2015 and also the visa-free entry to the nation.

In Australia, an individual has to work for at least 15 wage hours for purchasing the cost of the passport. The figure was moderately less when compared to the 266 least wage hours in Mexico for the individual to afford their passport which cost around $216.  It was also revealed that the individual who had worked for just two least wage hours can already purchase the passport of the UAE.

The list of top ten most costly passports in the world is as follows: Turkey $350, Australia $250.  Switzerland $220, Mexico $216, Italy $188, US $188, Canada $185, New Zealand $160, Japan $160, UK $153.

The survey had also asked the facts that add to the power of passport. Around 75% replied visa free entry while around 25% believes that it is the cost of the passport.

For visa free entry, the US, the UK, Germany, Finland and Sweden are top on the list whereas each one is having around 174 visa free nations.

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