The Administration of US working Hard to undermine H-1B Program

October 31, 2018
Trump's Administration Policies

The administration of Donald Trump has been working hard to undermine the H-1B program, making "an unexpected level of uncertainties" among start-ups and medium-sized IT firms that are under Indian Americans, a backing team for these organizations has said. The IT Serve Alliance President, Kandukuri Gopi said that Donald Trump admin's policies are being actualized by the administration of Trump has unfavorably affected the IT firms.

The Administration of US working Hard to undermine H-1B Program

It is hardly affecting the general population who are in that nation on US H-1B visas. The refusal rate of H-1B (as of now) is 40 or more percent. Thus, the skilled and professionals are going out of the US because of this problem, Gopi said. Established in 2010, It has a team of 1,000 individuals, majority members under Indian Americans, mirroring the dominance of communities in this location.

Small and Medium-sized IT Companies are Affecting

Khandavalli said that " since 2010, what we have been watching, there's a constant way to undermine the H-1B program, particularly the counselings companies where we process H-1Bs. That has basically got hoisted antagonistically since a year ago when the present company came to control.

"They have been doing that either through memos or changes on their website. These guidelines have turned out to be arbitrary to the point that it has been harming all the firms of H-1B program". As indicated by the regulation, H-1B visa must be issued for 3 years and the Department of Labour is the organization that allows the three-year endorsement. Under the present control, if they will give the endorsement for 3 years, USCIS needs to give H-1B visa for a similar term.

But USCIS has begun deducting it short to in some cases "even one day or a few days instead of three years. That is one of the greatest issues that we've been suffering now. Finding that there is a lot of demand for IT candidates from India. IT organizations spend from USD 6,000 to USD 8,000 for processing the payment of H-1B applications. Referring to a few examples, the USCIS endorses H-1B on October 31 and said the workers that his or her H-1B is substantial just from October 1 to October 21, Mr. Khandavalli alleged.

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