Austrians react to Bulgarians and Romanians immigration

February 06, 2014
Austria Immigration news

Bulgaria and Romania have joined the European Union (EU) in 2007. They are the poorest members of the Union. Many countries of the union have kept their job markets closed for several years being cautious of problems that might prevail if the job seekers come.

The restrictions laid by the countries have expired on 1st Jan, 2014. Among these countries include some of the wealthiest countries like Germany Austria, and UK. Information revealed that flights and coaches were fully booked for migration. This created fear among the public about losing jobs and gaining claims. This is the public’s negative opinion. One week before the restrictions are about to expire, UK has taken measures to confine the migrants from demanding the benefits.

The increase in the unemployment has made it easy for the parties to gain their popularity among the voters. These parties have created the fear among the people. This fear has misguided the thoughts of the public about the immigrants.

However the Labor market experts of Austria had a different opinion.

The politicians of Austria felt that the migrants will not cause any harm to the well-being of the nation but instead contribute to the welfare system. It is even the opinion of many experts that the migrants as a whole contribute to the system. Experts feel that they will pay their taxes and are expected to take fewer profits or any welfare services.

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