Better Job opportunities in Danish private sector due to immigration

February 06, 2014
Visareporter - Denmark Immigration News
In an exclusive study done at the university of Copenhagen, economists determined that there is no reason to worry neither unemployment nor wage reduce for those working in low paying jobs due to the migrants in the mid-1990s. On the contrary the economic experts concluded that migration to Denmark has led to an improved job opportunities and thus greater incomes for Danes operating in low paying in the private sector.
“We expected that immigration on the labour market would mark more competition to the same jobs for low skilled Danes, and this may result in unemployment, low paying jobs. But the results are quite opposite. Actual figures show that immigration has hardly had any negative effect, on the contrary results show that there is progress in the low paying private sector. They shifted to more specialized jobs and for the first time this can be communicated that specialization protected both jobs and salary”, says a PhD student at the University of Copenhagen.

The younger generation goes for specialization

The results made it practical for the economists to follow along with the work predicament from wage earners closely, and pay attention, for example, their salary increased or decreased, or whether they changed or lost their jobs.

“Particularly younger generation found more new jobs that require various skills. They shifted from routine and manual oriented jobs to skilled jobs that require more communication, for instance going to call center jobs from working on an assembly. These jobs are better paid and are difficult for the immigrants to full fill these requirements until they have special cultural and language skills. The young Danes used their competitive advantage and also created space to find jobs for immigrants, and this created a progressive development in the field of private labour market”, according to economists.

Young people aged between 21 and 36 are more mobile compared to experienced people, and they move across sectors and trades more easily. Young people can easily find jobs in industries such as telecommunication, postal service, insurance, finance, rental or real estate, according to economists. 

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