Latest STEM OPT regulation to come into effect from 10th May

April 16, 2016
The US government had published its rules complying with order of judge for implementing the STEM related OPT program which is going to come into effect from 10th May 2016.

Latest STEM OPT regulation to come into effect from 10th May

The latest STEM related OPT regulation provides great news for the students in STEM fields and for the employers who require certain talent.  This OPT program lets F-1 students to do job for a year after they had completed their graduation.

Student on F-1 visa should initially qualify for the regular OPT and get an EAD. The application for STEM related OPT should be filed before the conclusion of regular OPT EAD. The employer should also be registered with E-Verify for STEM related OPT.

Students might continue to apply under the present 17 month regulations for STEM related OPT till 9th May 2016. If the application has not been judged before 10TH May they would get a request for proof to show that they qualify under the latest two year regulations.

Key Changes:

The most key changes are:

Training duration would be two years rather than 17 months. It is an addition to a year of regular OPT program for an entire of three years.

List of qualifying degrees has been stretched.

A STEM related degree received in previous ten years might be utilized to qualify for STEM OPT.

Plan of formal training is needed to be concluded and signed by both students and employers  and submitted to school prior application for STEM related OPT being made.

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