Biometrics Rule - Canada Set To Implement Second Phase On Dec 31

December 28, 2018
As per an earlier announcement, Canada has made the submission of biometrics information, fingerprints and photographs mandatory for Asians and people from the Asia Pacific and the Americas. It had introduced the biometric rule since July 2018. Additionally, this rule and in the first phase, the rule was implemented for Europeans, and for people of the Middle East and Africa. The present thrust is the implementation of the second phase.

Biometrics Rule - Canada Set To Implement Second Phase On Dec 31

These rules apply for those applicants of a Canadian work permit, visitor visa, study permit, PR, including Express Entry applicants and for asylum seekers. Moreover, it says that all applicants between the ages of 14 and 79 should submit the biometric information. For the asylum seekers, no upper age limit exists.

Purpose of this rule

Canada introduced the biometrics rule for confirming the identity of travellers with low-risk and also for simplifying the application process.

Furthermore, it has a few other benefits also:

• Forging, stealing or using another person’s identity is impossible,
• Resolving the difficulty arising when the name, place of birth, date of birth of more than one persons is similar,
• Confirm the identity of a person when they apply to enter Canada next time, thus simplifying the re-entry.

With Identification through Biometrics, the Government can prevent the entry of known criminals in the country. Another benefit is the prevention of re-entry of deportees who do not have the permission and of failed claimants of refugee stage with false documents.

Submission of biometrics information

The applicants can submit the requisite information at an authorized Visa Application Centers nearby. Before Nov 2019, Canada has a plan to open 149 VACs in 99 countries. The persons who apply for various visas and permits need to submit the biometrics for a single time in 10 years.


Canada plans to keep the information of fingerprints for 15 years and then it stands deleted. It is encrypted and handled with great security and privacy. In conformity with its privacy laws and human rights commitments, Canada will disclose biometric information to Australia, the USA, New Zealand and the UK.

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