Britain new rules to prevent student to get work permit

July 13, 2015
Britain forces immigrant student to not get work permit

Theresa may Britain’s home secretary on Saturday announced that foreign students immigrated to UK on the purpose of studies are to be barred working after their completion of the study course in the UK.

When their course of study finished they needed to leave the country without applying for any job in UK. This new rules will apply to all those nationals other than from European Union.

According to official figures out of the 121,000 non-EU students came to the UK in the last 12 months till June of this year, only 51,000 had left, remaining of them continued their stay.

Britain wants to stop giving any student work visas to stop immigration. With the new rules an immigrant could not apply for visa extension, they shall leave without applying for the work visa.

This had come after business secretary Sajid Javid signals about preventing the abuse of visa system by immigrants. UK will also clamp down those bogus colleges inviting foreign students to study.

However, deporting the students back to their country after their study course could damage the business sector. As this may prevent skilled and highly talented international students taking up any job in the UK thus, depriving the vital skills to further the economy.

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