California is the popular destination among Indian students in the US

December 26, 2015

A large number of Indian students are in California. California is the most popular destination for the students from India in the US. As per the statistics reveled by SEVP of Immigration and Customs Enforcement of the US (ICE).  

California is the popular destination among Indian students in the US

The current statistics of the foreign students released in the previous month has revealed that around 23,854 students from Indi a are in California, which is followed by around 18.431 students in Texas and 15133 students in New York state of the US.

Some other states that lure the students from India are Illinois with 9541 students, Massachusetts with 6844 students, Pennsylvania with 6834, Ohio with 5827, Missouri with 5313, Michigan with 4964 and New Jersey with 4174 students. Till November month, around 1,49,999 students from India have visited to study in the US and out of those there are 1,01,212 are boys and 48,757 are girls.

California has some of the world’s best universities like University of California (Los Angeles), Standford, University of California (Berkeley), University of California (San Diego), University Southern  California, University of California (Irvine), University of California (Santa Barbara), University of California (Riverside) and San Diego State University.

However, there are many low ranked institutions that also attract the students to California like Tri Valley and Herguan. Importantly, many of these low ranked universities whose credentials are being questioned are run by the Chinese Americans and are dominated by the students from India.

California is among the expensive state in terms of cost of living and yet the students from India prefer to go there. The reason is the easy availability of the admissions.

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