Canada Immigration Systems More Liberal By fall

July 21, 2016
Minister of Canadian Immigration, John McCallum announced that there will be some major changes in the immigration system by 2016 fall. It will include the reform for the family immigration, easier for international students to become PR in Canada as they are up for the high priority on the list of the government due to the suitable age criteria, education and language fluency (English/French). The transformation will also include the improvement of the visitor visa procedures which primarily are for weddings and funerals.

Changes in Canadian Immigration by fall

The visa processing time for family class is two years. But being the area of priority the streamlining of the admission of economic immigrants and refugees will be easily done as well. The students will have more points which will make coming to Canada an easier part.    

The bill will be reducing the time for the PRs, who have to live in Canada before they get eligible to apply for the citizenship. Also, the people who spend time in Canada on a work or study permit will be able to count a portion of this time towards the three-year requirement.

A legislation is passed to change the Canadian Citizenship Act was passed in the Canada House of Commons following its third reading. After the bill was passed government proposed a comprehensive change that would allow immigrants to apply for an early Canadian citizenship.

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