Canada Job Scene is Spectacular in August after adding 81,100 Jobs

September 07, 2019

Canadian job scenario was very strong in August, owing to the addition of 81,100 jobs in economy making the unemployment rate just at 5.7 percent.

Impressive Performance

The country totally added 471,000 jobs last year, registering the increase of 2.5 percent. Quebec performed well among the provinces and its unemployment rate declined to 4.7 percent. It presently has jumped to the top place and has a low unemployment rate among all provinces.

Canada Job Scene is Spectacular in August after adding 81,100 Jobs

The structure of employment in young people between 15 and 24 years had a sharp rise in August, with the increase of 42,000. Youth employment grew by 75,000 jobs last year, registering the increase of 3 percent. The people of 55 years and above had an employment gain and added 22,000 jobs in August. The figure for 12-months consolidated increase was 195,000, equal to 4.9 percent.

Additionally, among the core-age population between 25 and 54 years there was no change during August, with steady unemployment of 4.7 percent.

Highlights of Labor Force Survey

Unemployment rate (%)


Employment rate (%)


Labor force participation rate (%)


Number unemployed


Number working


Youth (15-24) unemployment rate (%)


Men (over 25) unemployment rate (%)


Women (over 25) unemployment rate (%)


Provincial Canada Jobs scenario

Ontario and Quebec provinces had the highest gains, and Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and New Brunswick all had job increase.

Quebec added 57,800 jobs for part-time work in August, fuelled by retail and wholesale trade. In Ontario growth of employment was 3.5 percent by 250,000, and the unemployment rate was 5.6 percent. Quebec added 19,700 jobs. Its unemployment rate was 4.7 percent and lowest since 1976. In Quebec 112,000 jobs were added last year, registering the increase of 2.6 percent.

Canadian Province with Low Unemployment

Jobs change August

Unemployment rate (%)

1) Quebec



2) British Columbia



3) Saskatchewan



4) Ontario



5) Manitoba



6) Alberta



7) Nova Scotia



8) New Brunswick



9) Prince Edward Island



10) Newfoundland & Labrador






  • In Manitoba the addition was 5,200 jobs and the unemployment rate stood at 5.6 percent. Last year, it added 5,600 jobs, registering the increase of 0.9 percent.
  • In Saskatchewan the jobs raise was 2,800, and the unemployment rate declined to 5.1 percent. It added 13,000 jobs last year, registering the increase of 2.2 percent.
  • New Brunswick, added 2,300 jobs and its unemployment rate was 8.6 percent.
Top Technology Occupations in Canada

  • Computer Engineer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • IT Project Manager

Canada Jobs by Industry

In the sectors of insurance, finance, real estate, rentals and leasing employment increase in August was 22,000, registering gains of 46,000 last year, and an increase of 3.9 percent. The increase in August was in Ontario and Quebec.

In Quebec educational services sector dominated the increases and added 21,000 jobs during August, for the yearly increase of 35,000 jobs or 2.6 percent.

Professional, technical and scientific services jobs increased in August by 17,000. The industry had an increase of 109,000 jobs last year, (7.4 percent).

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