H1-B Visa applications reached the cap in a week

April 08, 2015
H1-B Visa Cap accomplished with more number of visa petitions

The United States Immigration and Citizenship Service recently revealed in a statement that it has quickly reached the H-1B cap. But they can only reveal the exact count of petitions after two or three weeks, said the spokeswoman. Application filing duration began on 1 April and for the fiscal year 2016 it begins on 1 October. Annually, United States grant 85,000 H-1B visa petition out of which 20,000 are for graduates who undertake advanced degree programs in its recognized schools. 

The USCIS is anticipated to reach the cap quickly this year. The previous year, it has accepted 172,500 H-1B visa petition under the caps, and once the limit is exceeded, the existing government of the country uses computer generated lottery system to distribute the visas. As per the new records of the country majority of the applications are filed only by the IT services companies that utilize H-1B workers to proffer outsourcing services.

Few of the concerned sources of the country have also noted that during the year 2007-14, 15,000 H-1B visa petitions were lodged by IT contractors. As per the new survey carried out by the AFL-CIO, most of the H-1B visas were utilized by Walmart, as it makes use of a number of IT outsourcing contractors. It is one among other renowned nations that is looking forward to increasing the H-1B cap. Few of the concerned officials of the country are striving hard to increase the cap on H-1B visas.

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