Immigration to Canada from Italy increases significantly since 2005

May 17, 2014
Immigration to Canada from Italy on the rise since 2005

According to a recent CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) news release, the Minister for Multiculturalism Jason Kenney and the Minister of Veterans Affairs Julian Fantino, on behalf of Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander stated that the number of permanent residents and students arriving in (or, entering into) Canada from Italy in 2013 was more than twice the number admitted to Canada in 2005. 

According to the official data and statistics available, immigration of Italians to Canada is once again on the rise, subsequent to a significant period of fall between 1967 and 2005. Also, economic immigrants also constitute a high number of newcomers coming to Canada from Italy. This number has almost tripled, in the last decade. 

There was an increase in the rise of number of Italians, both in the economic class as well as in the family class. Thus, Canada welcomed 500 people from Italy in the economic class category, an increase of nearly 200 percent since 2003. Whereas, immigration in the family class category rose as well, with 294 new permanent residents in 2013 — the highest number in almost 20 years.

Hundreds of Italians continue to make the journey to Canada every year, in many different categories – student, economic, family, etc. Some of them become permanent residents and settle down permanently and some among them choose to become citizens of Canada as well. Canada owes a lot of its development to more than half a million Italian immigrants who have arrived in Canada since the year 1946. This is so, even as the country has admitted an average of about a quarter of a million immigrants, from many countries, each year, since 2006.
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