Indian students boomed in the New Zealand record migration figures

August 21, 2015

New Zealand net annual migration has recorded major immigration gains, with the more number of students arriving from India and the increasing number of Kiwis returning from Australia, New Zealand had registered about more than 3 million short-term visitors.

According to the Statistics New Zealand, the short term visitors grew about 7 percent recording 3,002,982 arrivals in a year ending July 2015. And visitors in the month of July totaled to 208,000 represents 6 percent rise compared to last year July month.

"The expanding market of Chinese holiday visitors and steady growth of visitors from Australia" are been big contributors to the steady growth and reaching a threshold of more than 3 million visitors said Vina Cullum, manager of population statistics at Statistics new Zealand.

The permanent or long term migrants have increased to a 59,639 from the figure of 41,043, thus marking a gain for the 12th consecutive month and creating a new record. The migrant arrivals have increased about 14 percent reaching a new figure of 117,132, meanwhile departure slipping to 6 percent to the figure of 57,493.

Since the last year, the downturn of Australia economy attributed for more number of Kiwis returning from Australia. And the increase of Indian students also further boosted the inflow into the country.

Of the total migrant arrivals to New Zealand in this July year, the arrivals from the Australia has increased to 7.9 percent reaching 24,300 mostly are new Zealand citizens. Indian citizen arrivals have increased about 56 percent making a figure of 13,800 with 75 percent of them being the student visa holders.

However, the arrivals from the UK had decreased to 13,500 by the rate of 2.3 percent, during the same time Chinese arrivals has registered a 14 percent increase amounting to 10,400 and half of them had student visas.

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