Canada Mainly Relies on Immigrant Workers

June 27, 2016
The Statistics revealed that Canada Job Market is largely dependent on immigrants. The figures show the drastic increase of immigrants with jobs over Canadians. 

Canada mainly relies on immigrant workers

A decade ago 20 percent of jobs in Canada were held by immigrants. Now it drastically rose by five present. 

For the second time, Canada has seen a record number of immigrants with jobs, whereas Canadians jobs shrank. 

This is not something that immigrants are taking away jobs from Canadians. Immigrants replace the retiring workforce. 

Canadians did not fill 102 000 jobs in the last year. Canada doesn’t have enough workforces, only skilled immigrants can fill those gaps. 

Oil price collapse is also another major reason that has brought the recession to Alberta. Immigrants are moving to Vancouver and Toronto, where the job concentration is higher than other cities of Canada. 

The Annual immigration plan of Canada rolls out a red carpet to the skilled immigrants, who can join its workforce. 

For the year 2016, Canada has plans to embrace 300 000 immigrants, that includes skilled professionals, Family class, and Refugees. 

Canada Immigration uses the Canada Express Entry to welcome those individuals who are qualified enough to work in Canada.

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