Peru looks forward to a visa-entry waiver regime with the US

May 09, 2014
Peru looks forward to a visa-entry waiver regime with the US

According to some news reports, Peru is also seeking a visa-free entry for its citizens to the US. This is being thought of and talked about by the influential and those concerned with travelling abroad. According to those connected with this kind of issues, now that progress has been made by Peru regarding granting of visa-free travel to Schengen countries, it is being felt in some circles that some similar arrangement  ought to be worked out between Peru and US, too. 

Actually, hopes have been further raised regarding this visa requirement being waived and a visa-free regime being put into effect between US and Peru, because another South American country Chile has been granted this visa waiver recently. So, as regards this, Peru’s Chamber of Tourism, Canatur, is seeking this privilege for Peruvians and also working towards this. The president of Canatur, Jorge Jochamowitz stated that his organization would request the Peruvian government to initiate processes that would lead to and result in the waiver of visa requirements for Peruvian citizens to travel to the US. Mr. Jochamowitz stated that the process is long and that much depends on the US, but, that it was his perception that the US was looking at this as a distinct possibility.
Mr. Jochamowitz also added that the visa-entry waiver privilege by the US would likely take place only after the Schengen block implements its visa-entry waiver which in his estimation would take place only after 2015.      

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