Visa Winners are small caps and venture capital

June 05, 2015
Innovation is the key to our economic future for rising compines

Australia's signification investor has been changed recently.The funds can be invested in other corporate bonds, listed companies, annuities or real resources, subject to a limit on property investment. Under new rules, while the total investment limit remains $5m, foreigners will required to invest at least $500,000   in private equity funds and venture capital investing in small private companies, and another $1.5m in managed funds that invest 80 % of their assets in rising companies.

The note also proclaimed the opening level of SIV issuance is only bit of  3.5 million Chinese residents are estimated with net wealth  of above $US5m and those estimates capital flows of $10bn if case the demand increases and all available visas are granted to SIV applicants.

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