Canada permits work waiver for certain classes of people

February 21, 2015
Two categories to be exempted from holding Canadian work permit

The CIC is navigating ways to work out the Canadian work permit requirement. The government of Canada has enlisted instances where an overseas citizen does not require a work permit to get employed in Canada. This simplifies the process for such individuals. The main reason behind these changes is owing to the types of positions that these overseas nationals hold. These individuals are of an irreplaceable worth because of the fact that a work permit waiver will ensure that both the country and is citizens are benefitted.

You would be exempted from holding a work permit if you possess unique abilities and skills or if the employer is also not from Canada. The first category comprises of people whose skills and expertise in their chosen area cannot be replaced by any other citizen of Canada because their work holds a great demand in the foreign job market. The latter one implies an employee-employer relationship occurring out of Canada. 

The former group is inclusive of coaches and athletes competing in Canada, expert investigators or witnesses, public speakers, performing artists, government officials and foreign representatives and clergy members. Members of the UN and other dignitaries are also not required to hold a work permit as there are no equivalents to them in Canada. The second non-Canadian employer group is related to individuals who have been offered employment opportunities by local employers and are only coming to the country to complete the task. These jobs include businessmen who are not a part of the Canadian labor market, crew members like bus and truck drivers, airline or shipping workers, media and film crews, military personnel and news reporters. Although a work permit may not be essential, yet a TRV may be needed based upon the person’s native country.

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