Canada's multiple entry visa to benefit Indian travelers

February 24, 2014
Canada's multiple entry visa

The government of Canada has announced that the application for multiple entry visas is now simpler for eligible visitors. Thus, those who visit the country frequently  6 months at a time, for up to ten years, do not need to reapply every time. And also,  the processing fee for both single and multiple entry visa fee is $ 100 CAD.  The fee for TRV (Temporary Resident Visa), either for single or multiple entry visa fee has been reduced from CAD $150 to CAD $100. This integration of the visa fees in the application process will, it is expected,  make it easy for applicants applying for single and multiple entry visas, and it will promote trade and tourism by allowing a number of qualified travelers who frequently visit Canada.
A representative of Canadian Tourism Commission, India, Sanjeet, welcomed the decision of the government saying, “Integration of multiple and single entry visa fee is very good news for Indian travelers, as it will make their visits easier and hassle free. This development will allow us to help the increasing number of people coming to Canada.”
With effect from 6th February, 2014, the CIC has increased fees for the applicants of the temporary resident program. These changes in the visa fee, will reduce the burden on the Canadian taxpayers and make sure that it reflects the actual processing fee for the applications.
Modernizing the processes for the travelers thus will make the country more competitive and a preferred destination for business travelers and visitors. The multiple entry visas will incentivize  return travel from those issued Canadian visas, and make them flexible, fast and will become a more convenient choice for travelers who come and go to Canada frequently. They will make the journey easy and simple by eliminating the need to make repeat visits to consulate offices for processing and paying the application fees.
Over 35 million people come to Canada, every year. Canada has issued a record level of visitor visas in the year 2012 and approved nearly one million visas, an increase of 40% since 2004. And, the multiple entry visa is more popular among the visitors of China, India and Mexico who are eligible to apply for ten year visas and possess 10 year passports.

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