Canadian Working Holiday Visas still a hit with Irishmen

April 03, 2014
Canadian Working Holiday Visas - Visa Reporter News
According to news reports, it took about 30 minutes for 3,850 Canadian Working Holiday Visas to be grabbed by the eligible Irish. The visas were officially released at 9 PM on April 1, 2014. These visas are known as working holiday visas and are part of a program titled the ‘International Experience Canada (IEC) program’.  As part of this program, the IEC provides provisions for those Irish citizens between the ages of 18 and 35 who would like to travel to and work in Canada for about two years. In a reciprocal arrangement, young Canadians are also allowed to travel to and undertake work in Ireland. The biggest advantage of this scheme is that young people who go to Canada as part of their working holiday are provided an open work permit, which means that they are allowed to work for any Canadian employer.

This program recognizes the past historical ties between Canada and Ireland and the scope for further expansion in ties based on modern needs such as economic growth, cultural and social ties, etc. This IEC program ought not to be viewed in isolation, but as an effort by the government to enhance ties, relationships, etc. with countries with complementarities in the economy, other areas of activity also, etc. This IEC program is being envisaged by Canada as a part of the transformation of its visa and immigration programs. The quota of holiday permits numbering 7,700 for this year which is available under the International Experience Canada (IEC) programme is bigger in number than the 6,350 which was available in 2013.
Alberta and Calgary are the preferred destinations of Irishmen as these provinces have low unemployment and pleasant lifestyles.  

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