Changing the birthright citizenship will backfire

October 07, 2015
As the clause regarding citizenship of 14th amendment of the US says that all the persons who born or neutralized in the US are citizen of the US.

The term which is saying that anyone who is born on the soil of the US automatically acquires the birth citizenship, which is regardless of their parents and their immigration status was not the controversial one.

Changing the birthright citizenship will backfire

Jeb Bush, Former Florida Governor, finds himself stuck in the controversy over his term “anchor babies” for describing the children of the parents who travel to the US just for the sake of giving birth and ensure that they become American citizen.

Republican candidate for presidential campaign Donald Trump also called for change in the amendment of the constitution for eliminating the citizenship of birthright. 

The clause guarantees that all the slaves who born in the US soil will not be denied the privileges and rights that came along the American citizenship.

To withdraw the rights from children who born in the US from their parents who have illegally entered the country, as no fault of them, will do nothing but punish the innocent.

Children who consider Americans previously will face the possible deportation to the country they have never visited nor do they consider it as their home.

This will undermine the intent of the clause of the citizenship clause which extends full citizenship of birthright to all those who were born in the US,  no matter how their parents are viewed by the law.

Such move will cause the bureaucratic expense to a great extent.  The government would then require developing the registry for citizens for verifying and tracking whether the person has acquired the citizenship through birth or not. Birth certificate wont be enough to prove the citizenship. 

The benefits will accrue to immigrants undocumented parents of a child that is born in the US are exaggerated frequently.

There is no evidence whether the anchor babies or maternity tourists are big enough problems to warrant this kind of corrective action.

The question now arises is that whether children from the undocumented immigrants shall require US citizenship at the time of birth? As it is a minor element of much bigger and serious dilemma.

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