Copenhagen city plans to resist the effects of climatic changes in fu

October 26, 2013

Copenhagen city plans to resist the effects of climatic changes in fu

The threat for global warming is increasing in this world with each passing day. It is not a distant future when the effects of the global warming will hit hard the lives of the human. However, seeing the future threat Denmark has braced itself with a proper and planned kind of city design. According to a report it is said that the planners of the city are planning to build something which can sustain for a very long time. They are absolutely confident that it will be as par with the changing times for as far as the year 2100.

 The city of Copenhagen has already started taking necessary changes which will ensure that its safety is guaranteed in the long future. It is seen that the plans are prepared in such a manner which will withstand the effect of the climatic changes for several generations, even if the changes takes a severe turn. The planners have looked into the possible changes that may take place in Copenhagen in the long run and in climatic changes. After considering the various scenarios the plans are prepared.

The planning includes various kinds of facilities to survive even in most of the harsher climatic conditions. The paths or the roads will be designed in a convex manner and that will ensure that during the super storms the water is collected in a proper manner. Also, special emphasis is given on pocket parks that will have the ability to absorb heat. And not only that but they will also act as reservoirs.

 The city of Copenhagen will be in danger zone if the sea level rises to an alarming rate and the coastal areas will face a lot of natural calamities. However, these new effort will ensure that those risk factors are decreased and the city can stand tall among all the ill effects of the climatic changes in the future.

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