Danish Utility System providing Energy Efficiency Aspects

October 15, 2013
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The government of Denmark is having a negotiation with the industry regarding improvement of energy efficiency. The mutual agreement of 2012 has the ability to cut 12 per cent of energy usage in 2020, as compared to the same calculated in 2006. The agreement also clearly notes the requirements for energy conservation, while letting the companies detect the ways for having access to these.

This means that the utility companies in Denmark are becoming cost neutral while going for the energy conservation processes. As a result, the requirements set by the agreements are most likely to be met by the utility system of the concerned country. It has also been seen that the energy consumption graph has remained flat since 1970 as far as Denmark is considered. This is where the difference can be followed between the utility systems of Denmark and the US, while the latter has seen the rise of the energy consumption up to 70 per cent since 1970.

The utility system in the US often has been under quite negative radar as far as the experts are concerned regarding energy efficiency. The system is directly meant to invite investments from the mass, while providing conservation programs. Right from the 1980’s, the conservation programs have become a vital section of the utility system in the USA. The expansion of these programs continues due to the policies that favor the utility companies broadly.

On a concluding note, it can be mentioned that there is not much of complicity when it comes to the policies of the utility system in Denmark. The system has even proved to be revenue neutral, making the companies endorse the policies greatly. Energy conservation, therefore, is well encouraged in the country, while the government is able to experience fruitful results consistently.
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