Denmark authorities are set to close six asylum centers

February 26, 2014
Denmark authorities are set to close six asylum centers
Some of the asylum centers are set to be closed in Denmark after authorities disclosed that applications for asylum seekers are being processed faster now and asylum seekers who were (or, have been) rejected are about to leave the country voluntarily.

At present, there are about 5,300 asylum seekers living in the Danish asylum centers compared to 6,246 seekers a few months back, as per media sources. As asylum seekers are voluntarily leaving the country, the Danish Red Cross is set to close centers in Sigerslev, Ebeltoft and Auderod, while the Immigration Service has planned to close centers in Skive, Rodby,and  Frederikshavn.

In spite of the fall in the number of asylum seekers in the past months, Denmark got more number of asylum seekers for the year 2013 than it received in the past decade. Records from the immigration service show, that last year, 7,540 people applied for asylum, 6,184 people applied in 2012 and 3,806 in the year 2011. Nearly 3,840 persons were successful in getting asylum status last year, as compared to 2,583 in the year 2012.

Asylum seekers are spending less time in the centers and most of the applicants are being processed quickly and that is good and beneficial to the asylum seekers, according to the Danish Red Cross head.

Authorities expected that there may be a drop in the number of asylum seekers in the coming months, and they have not ruled out closing a few more centers. However, if there is an additional requirement, the Ebeltoft center would be reopened again.
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