Denmark setting a bright example regarding health care

October 15, 2013
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Denmark, being a tiny country, is into managing well enough for the countrymen regarding the aspect of health care. The government of the country is engaged in providing cradle-to-grave health care policies. At the same time, the policies for the students till college are directed to have access to health care facilities for free of cost. The students are even paid salaries after they move to college. Denmark has been able to keep their economy well balanced in this way, which is appreciative considering their ability to provide no allowance to the foreign aids.

ObamaCare is into providing health care insurance for the poor. There are people who have the ability to get hold of Medicaid. But these citizens do not have the affordability for buy the health care insurance that is provided. In fact, the tax systems have become higher for this reason so that the premiums can be paid in this way by the others.

On the other hand, there has been a lot of speculation going on regarding the shutdown of the US government. Though this was a result of the sudden downfall of the share markets, but it has been believed that the shutdown had other aims. The major one is to demolish ObamaCare, as per the beliefs. It has been seen that the shutdown is being supported by not many, rather a very minor percentage.

According to the experts, a spending cut bill could have been passed, which could earn at least 95 per cent of the people. Questions have been raised regarding this, and with that, the example concerning Denmark’s health care aspects has been put forward. It has also been requested by many to put a halt to the foreign aid until any budget surplus. In the process, the proposal of eliminating the loopholes that serve only the rich citizens has been noticed as well.
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