DHS has launched a program to assist firms in hiring overseas workers on visas

March 05, 2016
The US DHS has launched a pilot program called as Known Employer for assessing the latest process of employers who are looking to recruit workers through job based visa categories, while minimizing the paperwork.

DHS has launched a program to assist firms in hiring overseas workers on visas

According to the information released by DHS,  by altering the process USCIS uses to review an eligibility of employer to sponsor individual under job based immigrant and non immigrant categorizations, the program is expected to minimize the paperwork, amount and delays in processing time of these benefits requests. 

The USCIS would oversee the program in partnership with DHS, CBP and the US DOS. According to the USCIS Director, we are collaborating with the select representative organizations groups all over many industries for determining how the US could enhance efficiency and cut costs. If successful, it would continue to develop the program and also promote robust trade, travel and economic prosperity.

The aim of this pilot program is to make the process of job eligibility settlement more efficient while minimizing the delays for the employers of the US that intends to hire overseas workers under immigrant and non immigrant visa programs by 

Minimizing the paper work filed by the employers and maintained by the USCIS.

Promoting the consistency in adjudication of job based applications and petitions.

Streamlining the process of  adjudication for getting better efficiency with the USCIS

And offering better support to the DOS and CBP in support of better consistency and efficiency at the consular posts and entry ports.

Under this program, around nine pre-selected employers would file the applications requesting that the USCIS should predetermine that they meet certain needs related to the immigrant and non immigrant visa classifications.

While making this request, the employers would make a profile and upload the documents related to requirements. The USCIS would review and predetermine  whether an employer has met the requirements related to visa classification or not. And if the USCIS approves the predetermination request of the employer, then the employer might file the petitions or applications of the employees without requiring to resubmit firm data with every application or petition.

The employers are not charged any extra fees for participating in the Known Employer program. The program is schedule to be there for the period of one year, the USCIS might terminate or extend the program.  The DHS and the DOS would also ask for the feedback from participants.

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