Employer portal can be used for Canadian work permits under LMIA exemption

October 30, 2015
Recently Canadian immigration department (CIC) had introduced the employer portal and the employers who seek the work permits under LMIA exemptions will require using the employer portal.

The employer needs to pay around $230 as the compliance fee and submit the information of employment offer to the CIC.  The payment of fee and the uploading of LMIA exempt information of employment offer through the portal should be completed before the overseas citizen applying the work permit under LMIA exemption.  Failure in doing so would mean that the application for work permit would be refused.

Employer portal can be used for Canadian work permits under LMIA exemption

The portal for employer has replaced the form IMM 5802.  The form IMM 5802 was introduced earlier this year in the month of February 2015 as the temporary measure unless the portal was in place.

The information of employment offer in the portal is penetrated by completing many questions. Many fields were same that were set out in form IMM 5802. The portal would also store all of other employment offers under LMIA exemption that are filed by the employer. The employer shall cautiously think about giving the access to their employer portal.

The system would generate a offer of employment id number, once the fee and the employment offer is submitted in the employer portal. That id number should be included in the application for work permit.

Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Department (CIC) would introduce the new work permit forms like IMM 1295 and the extension IMM 5710 in the month of November 2015.

For using the portal, every employer should enroll initially. The employer should be the first person as the primary user in the portal for enrolling and after doing that the employers can set up secondary users  who would be able to complete the employment offer on behalf of the employer or the employer branch.

The CIC has also set the new instructions to officers with regards to work permits under LMIA exemption in the program delivery form.

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