Take care when migrating NZ

December 16, 2013

Take care when migrating NZ

Illegal immigration also known as immigration fraud, takes place in many countries across the world. These countries have different stances on how they approach both the subject of illegal immigration, and how to stop it, as well as the individuals that commit immigration fraud. With human rights activist fighting the fraudsters corner it is sometimes very difficult to do anything at all. Some countries have asylum centres that house the illegal immigrants until the courts have heard their cases and decide on whether they will be returned to the country they fled from or be able to apply for a visa,possibly under the refugee clause. Either way fraud is fraud and New Zealand is one of the countries that will not tolerate this behaviour. 

New Zealand take fraud on any level seriously, immigration fraud is an individual who breeches the laws of New Zealand, there is a wide spectrum of immigration fraud and all of which are taken into consideration and not tolerated. If some one gains entry in to New Zealand on a fake passport or altered passport or document, immigration services will treat this as fraud, and rightly so. Other fraudulent activity is if someone puts down fake or misleading information on a visa application form. If an individual helps another person to gain entry and stay in new Zealand, when they do not have the visa that they should have, both parties will be committing immigration fraud. If a certain individual misleads an immigrant into travelling to New Zealand for a job will also be seen as immigration fraud. New Zealand make it very clear what is legal and what is not. 

Penalties for committing fraud in New Zealand are set and will be used. An individual who commits immigration fraud can get up to seven years in prison as well as a hefty fine. If a permanent residence visa was obtained and at a later date immigration found out that the claim was made fraudulently the individual will face deportation no matter how long they have been residing in the country for. The same applies for persons who obtain citizenship through fraud, they will have their citizenship revoked. many may see these punishments as harsh, they are in place to deter people from thinking that immigration fraud was a good idea, that they would not get caught and that it was tolerated, New Zealand make it clear it is not and will not. 

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