Cutting Tier 2 visas will not bring any solution to immigration crisis

October 06, 2015
Despite calls for reducing the Tier 2 skilled migrant visa numbers from the government, the businesses in the UK is still viewing this scheme for accessing the pool of the international skilled labour and maintaining its competitiveness. As per the report which was submitted to the Committee of Migration Advisory (MAC), 

This Tier 2 scheme should be more flexible and not restrictive; otherwise the economy of our country will get suffered.  Interviews were taken of over 30 sponsored clients for Tier 2 visa and a survey was conducted on many industry sectors.

Cutting Tier 2 visas will not bring any solution to immigration crisis

The survey reveals that many of the business leaders are concerned about the shortage of local skills and they feel that they have a chance to put themselves here or abroad.  And that the government shall embrace this visa and skilled migrants from overseas rather than putting barriers in their way.

According to the report, the skilled migrant labour from outside of the EU accounts for approximately 7.5 % of incoming immigration of the UK. 

According to the survey report, the companies who uses such labour includes firms from engineering field who relies on the international talent, architecture companies who want international individuals with the knowledge and language skills for doing job contracts and projects in China and Asia, law companies who uses this visa to bring international qualified lawyers and financial companies who slashed the recruitment during the recession time is now facing shortage of skills.

The report said that the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) is considering for restricting the route to Tier 2 for much higher specialized occupations or occupations who are facing shortage. That would affect the company’s ability to train the migrants and for international companies to move the junior staff to its network of the international office for the career development. 

Another matter of concern is that the list of shortage occupation will get slow in responding to the needs of the industry and it recommends to expand the list and provide a provision for international junior talent in different scheme.

Many businesses in the UK operate in a global arena for talent and for their clients. International mobility is critical for them at both a high flyer director and more junior staff level.

"Restricting the Tier 2 scheme will hinder firms' ability to carry out client work and expand in the UK, so adversely affecting the UK economy in terms of lost tax revenue and job creation for resident workers", Nick Rollason, Head of the Immigration at Kingsley Napley said.

It also called for the balanced and fair approach with regard to the proposal from the government for introducing the Immigration Skills Charge (ISC) which is payable by employers who sponsor the migrant workers under the Tier 2, which will go towards their apprenticeships and local schemes for improving their skills. 

The report was submitted to the MAC is also dealing with the issue of migrants for Tier 2 and the lowest salary levels. The MAC has to publish its final proposals with regards to the migrant scheme for Tier 2 by this year’s end.

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