Visa is now essential for all the British Diplomats

September 27, 2014
Visa is now essential for all the British Diplomats

The passport holders of British official and diplomatic are ought to apply for South African visa before they travel, as the department started following up with the requirements for the visa from September 1 2014, this was a give and take action from our part – said Malusi minister of home affairs in Pretoria.

The passports of the ordinary holders such as tourists will not be affected in anyway regarding this new visa requirement. In 2010, the British government has announced to all the South Africans about the requirements of visa (official, diplomatic, ordinary).

Malusi also added that Pretoria tried convincing the London officials to excuse the officials when they visit the country. 

Therefore, they decided to respond as an international principle and let off the ordinary passport holders of Britain.

South African mission has to be approached if the British officials want to travel to Pretoria.

It’s not a foreigner’s right to visit South Africa, it’s a privilege given to the international tourists by the government of South Africa depending on their visiting purpose and they have also been soft with the officials of British because their charge for visa applications is free – Malusi added.

South Africa hopes to connect more with the government of British on the havoc of visa and hope to respond the slough of the necessities for visa.

Malusi added further by saying, they would in vein of a situation where the British would take a note of their request and re-introduce the release of the visa for South Africans, as we are surely not our knees.
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