Engineers and doctors who are trained in foreign can enter Canadian job market faster

May 08, 2015
Trained Engineers and Doctors in Foreign countries can enter Canadian Job market quickly

Canada Engineers and the Medical Council of Canada are designing with new funding programs from the government that helps the trained international doctors and engineers in order to get their qualifications certified. It was announced by employment minister Pierre Poilievre that the federal government would match Engineers Canada funding of $778.000 for the improvement of Online Competency Assessment System. This is an online tool which standardizes the requirements of work experience to become an engineer who is licenced across Canada. 

The latest assessment system will allow engineers more than 5,000 who are going to arrive in Canada to comply with requirement s of work experience what they have done abroad. According to the sources, this program will assist engineers to have the correct work experience as they work through. 

Employment minister also declared that the medical council of Canada would be receiving $6.7 million for an online tool to be developed that eases the process of exam for physicians from 80 countries.

Engineers Canada’s Competency-Based Assessment Project has developed a standard to measure applicant’s experience in work, whether they can meet engineer-licensing requirements. In order to obtain a licence the latest system does not require Canadian experience. 

The applicants have to demonstrate seven abilities and pass the assessment if they apply for methods and techniques, engineering knowledge, technology or equipment, using engineering tools, managing engineering activities, protecting the public interest, working collaboratively in Canada environment, communicating engineering information and improving skills of engineering and knowledge.

The applicants will have to submit 21 documents written to demonstrate the mastery of these seven abilities- three for each ability and then two professional engineer assessors who are trained will check the document each using a designed process, considering the additional factors. In order to make the exam process more efficient for medical practitioners, The Medical Council of Canada will develop its own tool online, which makes the exam process short of internationally trained doctors. Medical practitioners around 7,000 arrive annually in Canada. The estimation of the federal government implementing the online exam will make the process of licensing short by four to six months and will be resulting in $6 million in annual savings.

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