Essential actions for immigrants starting a new life in Australia

October 06, 2013
Essential actions for immigrants starting a new life in Australia
For Indian citizens moving to Australia there will be a sense of relief when you know everything has gone through and your Australian visa has been accepted. It has probably taken a great deal of paperwork and negotiations to get to this stage. (If you are still unsure about how to apply for a visa to Australia you can contact one of our Indian visa consultancy offices at Chennai, Delhi, and Bangalore. However, you want to make sure your move is as smooth as possible and when you move to Australia there are three essential actions you need to do to make sure your immediate needs will be covered:

  • Apply for a Tax file number
  • Register with Medicare
  • Open a bank account
These three factors are imperative if you are going to be working in Australia (You need to acquire a tax code) ; to ensure you and your family are covered if there is a medical emergency; and a bank you can trust to keep your money and savings safe.

Tax file Number

Like most all other countries, Australian workers pay tax on their income. In order to work legally in Australia you will need a TFN (Tax File Number). It is quite simple to apply for a TFN. You can simply visit the website at and select individuals. The site will run you through the process. Or you can telephone 13 2861 Or for the translation service telephone 13 1450 (this is a 24 hour service.

Registering with Medicare

Medicare is the assistance the Australian government gives to its citizens who who need help with paying health related bills. Generally most migrants are eligible. The government also subsidies the cost of some medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits scheme. In order to register with Medicare you will need to take your passport and travel documents along to your nearest Medicare office. Click here to find the nearest Medicare office to you.

There is emergency health treatment on a 24 hour basis at casualty department sin private hospitals.

Opening a bank account in Australia

You will find a bank account is essential for when you are working in Australia as the monthly salary is normally paid to you by direct debit. In Australia you can choose from a bank account, a building society account or a credit union account. If you open an account within the first six months of arrival you will only need your passport for identification purposes. Outside of this time-scale you may well be asked for more complex documents. For further information go here
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